Things that piss me off: Aug. 19. 2 p.m. edition


1. Kevin Youkilis is on the DL list.

2. My Canada Dry Ginger Ale is warm. WARM.

3. I have 65 things to do before tomorrow at noon. That pisses me off.

4. Obnoxious e-mails from old people asking me why I haven’t covered stories that I have covered. Stories that I have covered at least five fricking times.

6. River guides NEVER call you back.

7. Too-chunky salsa at Dos Amigos.

8. File cabinets that won’t open.

9. Bosses that tell you to “take off early today” when, regardless, you have 65 things to do before tomorrow at noon.

10. When there is an INTERNATIONAL WIZARD OF OZ CONVENTION in a neighboring town and you find out about it two weeks after it is over. WIZARD OF OZ, people.

11. When you can hear the cappuccino machine in your boss’ office, but never ever ever ever ever get any cappuccinos


Please feel free to continue this list in the comments section.


It is raining.


So, there are many things I could do today. Catch up on work. Which I am totally going to do in about ten minutes.

Or, I could make a list of things that absolutely suck about rain in northwest North Carolina.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

Yes, I know it’s great for agriculture. And grass. And. Um. Life and things. But I accidentally killed my garden already. With my mind. I just didn’t believe hard enough. So screw you, grass.


1. Cold. I hate being cold. Oh. And wet. Oh. Cold. And wet.

2. Nasty rain trash that gets on your shoes and tracks into your car. Ew.

3. Walking the dog in the rain.

4. Walking me in the rain.

5. People who don’t know how to drive in the rain.

6. Truckers who create tsunamis, testing my car’s floatation ability. It can’t. It can, however, spin.

7. The smell of wet cement.

8. The smell of wet anything, actually.

9. Stupid, broken windshield wipers.

10. People at work who comment about stupid, broken windshield wipers.

11. Working. Um. In the rain.